Biological Weed Control in Alberta Using Triploid Grass Carp

Biological Weed Control in Alberta Using Triploid Grass Carp Related

Integrated Weed Control:: Biological products and consulting services for weed management. Montana.

Weed Control in Strawberries and Raspberries:: Information on the timing of herbicide applications and the products that are suitable for these crops.

Weed Control in Organic Wheat:: Provides guidance on the place of wheat in the rotation and cultivation techniques to control weed growth. [PDF]

Weed Control in Nursery Crops:: Discussions on weed control, weed identification, and herbicide management in nursery crops. From Oregon State University.

Biological Control:: Biological Control : A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America. This guide provides photographs and descriptions of biological control (or biocontrol) agents of insect, disease, and weed pests in North America. It is also a tutorial on the concept and practice of biological control and integrated pest management (IPM). Whether you are an educator, a commercial grower, a student, a researcher, a land manager, or an extension or regulatory agent,

Biological Control News:: Discusses the use of insects to control crop, garden, and home pests. No longer published but back issues are available.

Biological Control of Locusts:: Locust and grasshopper control is currently carried out with chemical pesticides. This article describes control measures using a myco-pesticide based on the spores of a fungus pathogenic to insects.

Biological Pest Control:: Reference and application guide for the use of the parasitic nematodes Steinernema for pest control.

Biological Control of Weeds:: Supplier of live insects for non-chemical control of rangeland and pasture weeds.

California Noxious Weed Control Projects Inventory:: A combined government/private/non-profit endeavour to establish a database, accessible through the Internet, containing information on noxious weed control in California.

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