Predator Damage Control in Cultured Fish

Predator Damage Control in Cultured Fish Related

Control of Beaver Damage:: Information on the biology of the beaver, the damage it can cause, assessing the need for action, prevention, shooting and trapping.

Wildlife Damage Control:: Extensive information on the responsible management of damage caused by raccoons, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, bats, opossums, beavers, woodchucks, coyotes, moles, voles, mice and pigeons.

Kalahari Predator Conservation:: Aims to helps predators survive in the bush while at the same time helping to maintain the diversity of species.

Drought Damage to Trees:: Article by Dr Kim Coder into the progressive response of trees to lack of water, the effects on growth, biological lag effects, drought hardening, increased pest damage and the visible symptoms.

Flood Damage to Trees:: Article by Dr Kim Coder describing the main impacts of flooding, problems with seed germination, seedlings, root problems, tree growth responses, flood tolerance, toppling and advice on management.

Alfalfa Plant Diseases and Damage:: Photographs of plants infected by various pathogens and pests, with links to articles on integrated crop management.

Minimising Leatherjacket Damage in Organic Cereals:: Notes on where damage may occur, anticipating and avoiding it and possible control by non chemical means. [PDF]

Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management:: Non-profit organization providing research-based information on how to responsibly handle wildlife damage problems.

Grasshoppers: Life Cycle, Damage Assessment and Management Strategy:: Information on four species of grasshopper, the damage they do to cereal crops and when action needs to be taken to control them.

Low-Powered Lasers: Another Nonlethal Tool for Resolving Wildlife Damage:: Information from the U.S. Wildlife Services on the use of lasers to disperse birds in a number of different environments.

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