Oregon Oyster Farms

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Southern Oregon Farms:: Two friends and dedicated breeders of Soay sheep combining their efforts for the continued preservation of this small, primitive domestic sheep. Located in Talent and Merlin, Oregon, USA.

Southern Oregon Soay Sheep Farms:: Southern Oregon Soay Farms imported the only flock of Soay sheep outside of Europe from Canada to the US between 1998-2000. It is home to America's foundation flock of British registered Soay Sheep; all British Soay in the US and Canada orginate from this flock. These are small (50-80 lb) hardy sheep that are easy to manage, lamb easily, are good mothers, naturally shed their wool and have naturally short tails. Ideal for breeders with little she

Oyster Holdings, Inc.:: Distributor of live oysters and clams grown in Washington state, as well as sauces and spice. Includes recipes, and food safety information.

Pearl Oyster Fishery:: Report produced in 2003 on the ecologically sustainable development of the pearl oyster fishery off Western Australia. [PDF]

Olympia Oyster Company:: Cultivators and processors of Olympia oysters, Pacific oysters, and Manilla and Native Littleneck clams. Company history, product and contact details.

Bevans Oyster Company:: Producers of fresh shucked and in-shell oysters. Company profile, product information, seasonal recipes, and contact links.

BST Oyster Supplies:: Offers an oyster longline growing system.

Ostrea edulis: European Oyster:: Information from the FAO on this shellfish, its biology, habitat, the production cycle, production systems, diseases and their control, production statistics, markets and trade.

Oyster Mushrooms are Easy to Grow:: Includes an online book that provides detailed advice on growing oyster mushrooms. Also recipes and links.

East Dennis Oyster Farm:: Oysters from Massachusetts, shipped in USA, or available for pickup at the store.