Farming Abalone Related

US Abalone:: Produces farm raised abalone and ships live to seafood wholesalers throughout the USA, Canada, Japan, China.

Abalone Farm, Inc.:: Ships steaks to consumers and restaurants, as well as live abalone to distributors and oriental restaurants worldwide.

d'Urville Abalone:: Producer of abalone and cocktail abalone. Offers company details and recipes.

Abalone Ranching:: Prospective producer of pink and red abalone at Point Loma, San Diego. Project information and contacts.

Blue Star Abalone:: Prime producer of South African Green Lip abalone.

South Pacific Abalone S.A.:: Chilean processor of live, frozen and canned red abalone and turbot. Company profile, product information, and sales and contact details.

Farming UK:: Farming UK is the Directory for UK Farmers and the UK Agricultural and Horticultural Industries Online Farms, Farm Machinery and Farming Related Websites. Farming UK is purely a directory of links.

Farming Yabbies:: Provides information on this freshwater crayfish, spawning and obtaining a supply of juveniles, its culture environment, diet, growth, health issues, economics of production and aquaculture potential in Western Australia.

Marron Farming:: Information and advice on all aspects of farming marron provided by the Western Australian Department of Fisheries.

Coffee Farming:: Information on cultivating this crop including its botany, harvesting, extraction of the beans, processing, sorting and storing.

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