Hubbard Center for Genome Studies: Tilapia BAC Resources

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Natural Resources and Rural Development in Arid Lands: Case Studies from Sudan:: United Nations University report edited by H.R.J. Davies.

Center for Coastal Studies:: A private, nonprofit organization for research, conservation, and education in the coastal and marine environments of the Gulf of Maine and marine mammals of the western North Atlantic.

Florida Center for Environmental Studies:: Coordinates research and training with universities. Focus is on Florida, tropical/subtropical, estuary and freshwater ecosystems.

Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies:: Fostering responsible interaction with natural surroundings, and generating knowledge of the marine and coastal ecosystems of Kachemak Bay through environmental education and research.

Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies:: Non-governmental organization which studies problems of nuclear weapons reduction.

Center for Bison Studies - Montana State University at Bozeman:: The primary mission of the Center is to serve as a regional center for information exchange and research on all aspects of the biology and management of the American bison

Northwest Center for Sustainable Resources (NCSR):: Collaborative effort to enhance natural resources programs for the nation's community colleges.

Virginia Water Resources Research Center:: Education and research into solutions to water resources problems.

NH Water Resources Research Center (WRRC):: The New Hampshire Water Resource Research Center (WRRC) is an institute which serves as a focal point for research and information on water issues in the state and region. The NH WRRC was established under the provisions of the Water Resource Research Act of 1964 (PL 88-379). The Center is a valuable statewide resource; typically there is a water-related issue, almost daily, on the front page of any newspaper. As long as water is an integral fact

Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center:: The University of Tennessee Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center is a 11,500 acre field research laboratory. The Center is a regionally recognized leader in developing new technologies applicable to modern forestry and wildlife resources management and environmental stewardship. The Forest Resources Center is one of ten research and education centers in the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, AgResearch system. Headquart

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