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Lincoln Red Cattle - Cedar Ridge Cattle Company:: Breeders of Lincoln Red cattle. a very rare breed, offering cattle for sale and breed information including the breed history. Located in Oxford Station, Ontario, Canada.

S & B Cattle Company:: Sells feeder cattle.

BB Cattle Company:: Herefords, Polled Herefords, Angus, Brafords and Brangus in Connell, Washington.

2H Cattle Company:: Our goal at 2H Cattle Company is to produce high quality Charolais seed stock that can perform equally well in the feedlot as they do in the show ring. Our priorities are simple, select the highest quality genetics possible, and utilize these genetics to produce a consistently superior animal. We utilize several performance tools in addition to phenotypic evaluation to achieve this goal. As a Whole-Herd Reporting member of the American-Internatio

Sellers Cattle Company:: Dealer in all classes of cattle, as well as providing buying services, auctions, and more.

Dominion Cattle Company:: Charolais and Simmental breeders.

Dickinson Cattle Company, Inc:: Family owned corporation that has been raising Texas Longhorn Cattle for 30 years, and sells related products.

Cowboyhat Cattle Company:: Texas Longhorn cattle. Bulls, cows and calves. With pictures, pedigrees, semen information, links and more.

Catskill Cattle Company:: Producers of beef and veal products with distribution in NE United States.

AzTx Cattle Company:: Feedlot and broker.

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