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9th International Barley Genetics Symposium:: Program, registration and venue details for this event due in June 2004, in Brno.

Viking Mat Company:: Viking Mat Company is one of North America's largest suppliers of crane mats, timber mats, dragline mats, laminated mats and truck mats to the construction industry. Viking Mat Company has been a distributor to the forest products industry for over 100 years and is currently one of the top suppliers of timber mat products in North America. They sell new mats in addition to used mats, if you are looking for a more affordable option. Also, if you d

Animal Genetics:: Journal of the International Society for Animal Genetics. Research on immunogenetics, biochemical genetics and molecular genetics of economically important and domestic animals.

New Zealand Genetics:: Provides genetics, information, and advisory services to pastoral dairy farmers.

Accelerated Genetics:: Markets dairy and beef semen, farm products, and genetic marker research across the United States and in over 100 foreign countries.

Genetics Australia:: Supplies genetics to the cattle breeding industry.

AMS Genetics, Inc.:: Specializing in marketing dairy cattle embryos and semen. Breeds include Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, and Beef.

Heartland Genetics:: Connection for Australian lowline beef cattle.

Progressive Genetics:: Independent farmer cattle breeding co-operative based in the East of Ireland.

Dovea Genetics:: Fleckvieh Simmental semen and embryos from Ireland.

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