Ravensbark Toffee

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Awesome Toffee:: A sweet buttery candy with almonds and garnished with chocolate and almonds.

The Toffee Company:: Offers Texas pecan toffee.

The Toffee House:: Handmade English toffee, made with American chocolate, almonds and walnuts. Available in decorated tins, from 1/2 to 5-pound sizes.

Toffee Delight:: A combination of almonds, pecans and milk chocolate, packaged in gold tins or Chinese take-out containers.

Toffee Sensations:: Available in multiple flavors and shipped in a variety of tins and boxes.

Brandini Toffee:: Brandini Toffee is more than a creator of the world’s most delicious almond toffee, we’re a family-owned company started by high school students Brandon Weimer and Leah Post with the purpose to raise money for a school trip that’s transformed into a thriving business. Now our secret recipe has people craving our succulent toffee from all parts of the world!

Arizona Toffee Company:: Handcrafted toffee with or without almonds or pecans and topped with chocolate.

Coons Old English Toffee:: Sales of handmade toffee by the box or case.

Nashville Toffee Company:: Milk or dark chocolate covered candy with almonds, available in an assortment of sizes.

New England Toffee Company:: Handmade almond, pecan and nut free toffee available in many different flavors.

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Brandini Toffee
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