Alternative Agronomic Crops

Alternative Agronomic Crops Related

Alternative Crops and Plants:: Information from the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center on the production of floral, forest, fruit, grain, herb, industrial, nursery, nut, vegetable or other specialty plants, seeds and products.

Alternative Field Crops Manual: Rye:: Features history, uses, growth habits, environment requirements, cultural practices, and varieties.

Alternative Field Crops Manual: Triticale:: Features history, uses, and cultural practices.

Alternative Field Crops Manual: Kenaf:: History of kenaf, its uses, growth habits, environmental requirements, cultural practices and the economics of the crop.

Agronomic Links across the Globe:: Provided by Purdue University. Categorized directory.

Crop Quest Agronomic Services:: Provides crop consulting services to clients across the High Plains region.

Oilseed Rape: Agronomic Effects of Pod Shatter:: Information on this crop, growth and development of the plant, the problem of pod shatter, industrial uses, pests and diseases and recent genetic advances.

Alternative Beverage:: Beer making and wine making ingredients and equipment for home brewing.

Alternative Aquaculture Ltd:: Provides small scale fish farming systems, fish tagging systems, and also stock, equipment and services.

Bamboo: An Alternative Movement:: Sara Nakasone describes how bamboo is being used as an alternative resource to other types of wood. Find a discussion about the structural engineering issues involved in building larger bamboo structures. (April 07, 2003)

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