Biological Control of Coffee Berry Borer in Organic Coffee

Biological Control of Coffee Berry Borer in Organic Coffee Related

The Organic Coffee Co.:: Fair trade, blended, flavored, and single origin products. Includes company news and tips for storage and brewing.

Jim's Organic Coffee:: Provides information about organic farming, and listing of local retail outlets.

Strictly Organic Coffee:: Selling only organic, fair-trade and shade grown coffees. A variety of roasts, blends and coffees are available.

Tessa's Organic Coffee:: We roast organic coffee beans, sell by the pound and ship to your home, business or destination. Socially Responsible from the Organic Coffee Grower to your door. Selling Organic Coffee since the 1990's.

Organic Farming in the Tropics and Subtropics: Coffee:: Covers all aspects of plant cultivation, harvesting, processing, handling, packing and storage. [PDF]

Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee Roasters:: Certified Organic and Fair Trade roaster. Includes information on organic coffee. Free newsletter. Wholesale information.

Biological Control:: Biological Control : A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America. This guide provides photographs and descriptions of biological control (or biocontrol) agents of insect, disease, and weed pests in North America. It is also a tutorial on the concept and practice of biological control and integrated pest management (IPM). Whether you are an educator, a commercial grower, a student, a researcher, a land manager, or an extension or regulatory agent,

Biological Control News:: Discusses the use of insects to control crop, garden, and home pests. No longer published but back issues are available.

Biological Control of Locusts:: Locust and grasshopper control is currently carried out with chemical pesticides. This article describes control measures using a myco-pesticide based on the spores of a fungus pathogenic to insects.

Biological Pest Control:: Reference and application guide for the use of the parasitic nematodes Steinernema for pest control.

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