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The Lavender Fleece:: Breeders of Icelandic sheep and growers of over 40 varieties of lavender in mid-Michigan.

Lavender Farm:: Lavender Farm is part of Eatwell Farm, a small family farm in the southern Sacramento valley in northern California. We have a lot of recipes and other ideas for your lavender bunches. We grow many varieties of lavender to have as long a season as possible.

Australian Lavender Industry:: Contact information for the professional association, annual conference details, and sample pages from its newsletter. Overview of the uses of lavender, cultivation requirements, and extraction of essential oils.

Lavender Hill Farm:: Breeders of colored Angora goats with an emphasis on excellent breed qualities and well managed, healthy goats. Located in South Western Pennsylvania, USA.

Purple Haze Lavender:: Celebrating Our 15th Year! Purple Haze Lavender Farm is a 12 acre CERTIFIED ORGANIC LAVENDER FARM located in the Dungeness Valley of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. We are one of more than 36 growers in the valley who are cultivating this wonderful herb. The rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains creates an ideal microclimate for growing lavender. With less than 20 inches of rain per year, our valley is like those in the Provence region of France wh

Lavender Production, Products, Markets, and Entertainment Farms:: An article on growing lavender for the production of essential oils and agritourism. Includes discussion of cultivars, propagation, direct marketing, and links to many businesses and resources.

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