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Texas Agricultural Aviation Association:: Agricultural aviation operators and pilots interested in the advancement of the industry.

Arkansas Agricultural Aviation Association (AAAA):: The AAAA represents the agricultural aviation industry in Arkansas. The industry uses 339 ag planes in crop production. There are 405 licensed commercial ag pilots with 181 commercial firms. The Arkansas Agricultural Aviation Association (AAAA) is proud of the industries contribution to the most productive farming methods in the world.

Illinois Agricultural Aviation Association (IAAA):: The purpose of the IAAA (Illinois Agricultural Aviation Association) shall be to coordinate and generally direct the efforts of the agricultural aviation industry on a state basis, at the state level, representing the entire industry and related interest, and the mutual benefits derived there from all its members. The members of the Illinois Agricultural Association are dedicated to providing the very best aerial application service possible, wit

National Association of County Agricultural Agents:: Code of ethics, list of educational opportunities, and meeting history.

National Agricultural Library (NAL):: One of four National Libraries in the US, offers search facilities and gateways to agricultural information.

National Agricultural Policy Center:: NAPC is a center for research and analysis of agricultural policies in Syria, and is based in Damascus.

National Agricultural Hall of Fame:: The National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame, or the Ag Center as it is more commonly known, became a reality when it was issued a federal charter by an act of the 86th Congress and signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on August 31, 1960. This rare federal charter, an historic beginning the institution shares with organizations like the American Red Cross, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Future Farmers of America, charged the Ag Ce

International Service for National Agricultural Research:: ISNAR assists developing countries in improving the performance of their national agricultural research systems and organizations.

French National Institute for Agricultural Research:: INRA undertakes research in the fields of agriculture, food and nutrition, food safety, environment and land management with regard to sustainable development. In English, French and Spanish.

PNG National Agricultural Research Institute:: The Mission of PNG National Agricultural Research Institute is to "promote innovative agricultural development in Papua New Guinea through scientific research, knowledge creation and information exchange". The word "promote" is used to indicate affirmative and pro-active action in the apllication and adoption of existing and new "knowledge" for agricultural development. Such development is realised through new and innovative ideas, processess, ap

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