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The Around Again Groups:: A collection of locally based internet free sharing communities.

Yahoo Groups: HarnessGoats:: An e-mail list for people who want to share information on driving goats. Public message archives.

Yahoo Groups: Packgoat:: An email list for people who share an interest in hiking and packing with goats. Information on how to join; message archives for members only.

Yahoo! Groups about Soil Science:: A list of mailing lists and groups related to Soil Science.

Environmental Justice Groups and Events:: From the San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory.

AGCare: Agricultural Groups Concerned About Resources and the Environment:: Represents Ontario's growers of field and horticultural crops on agricultural pesticide use, crops biotechnology developments, and other related environmental issues.

Foliar Fertilizer:: Introduction to the sources of, and the uses of foliar fertilizer.

Fertilizer Strategies:: Discusses the role of fertilizers in the development of agriculture along with the factors that have an impact on their use by farmers. It deals with the many issued involved in the efficient distribution and marketing of fertilizers. Also available in Arabic, French and Spanish. (PDF format).

Infinity Fertilizer:: Botanical natural plant nutrient that is water soluable and fast releasing.

Florida Fertilizer:: Florida Fertilizer handles a complete line of plant food and plant protection materials for citrus, vegetable, nursery, pasture, and sod farms. These products include both dry and liquid fertilizers. We also sell nutritional sprays to enhance growth and appearance. Our plant production materials include fungicides, bactericides, herbicides, miticides, and insecticides.

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