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Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Use:: Minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers and maintaining soil fertility through the use of vermiculture.

The Phosphorus and Potassium Soil Testing and Fertilizer Recommendation System in Ontario:: Ontario has developed a soil testing service with a strong scientific basis which relies on the correct method of extraction of available nutrients and accurate forecasting of the response of crops to the resulting fertilizer application.

Heartland Fertilizer Company:: Manufactures and delivers custom fertilizers.

Heartland Fertilizer Company:: Manufacture of Premium Fertilizer. We have been manufacturing quality fertilizer products since 1962. Our goal is to give you the customer exactly what you want. At Heartland Fertilizer Company flexibility is our middle name, quality and innovation is our trademark and customer satisfaction is our guarantee. Whether you’re in the market for personalized fertilizer or looking for the very latest in liquid fertigation or dry bulk materials, you

Piedmont Fertilizer Company, Inc.:: Family owned and operated since 1910, Piedmont Fertilizer Company has been serving East Central Alabama and West Georgia with all of its fertilizer and seed needs. Manufacturers of Peafowl Fertilizers, we sell to both retail customers and wholesale dealers. Whether you need pasture seed and fertilizers, food plot seeds, turf fertilizers, weed control, vegetable and flower plants or vegetable seeds, Piedmont Fertilizer has both a product and serv

Knox Fertilizer Company, Inc.:: Knox Fertilizer has been a family owned business since 1950. Started by Robert and Georgia Shaw, the company is still owned and operated by their lineage today. Knox Fertilizer has been in the specialty end of the plant food business since its inception over 50 years ago. With the base of operations located in Northwest Indiana, Knox is geographically located in the center of most large metropolitan markets west of the Appalachian Mountains and e

Howard Fertilizer & Chemical Company, Inc.:: Howard Fertilizer & Chemical has evolved from a 1932 small fertilizer operation in downtown Orlando, FL serving the Central Florida citrus growers to the multi-site fertilizer and chemical distribution company of today. In 2009, the company posted record fiscal year sales of $150 million and maintained its status as a top fertilizer producer in Florida. Still family-owned and operated, it is managed by Robert Howard Jr. with sons Frank and Jon ac

USA: Classifying Soils Using Soil Taxonomy: The Twelve Soil Orders:: Brief definitions and pictures of the US 12 soil orders .University of Minnesota, Soil, Water and Climate department.

Advanced Soil Genesis: Soil Morphology and Classification:: A short introduction to soil morphology (description) and a presentation of the 12 soil orders (US) and their genesis. University of Arizona, Soil, Water and Environmental Science, Craig Rasmussen. [PDF]

Corn, Soil Tillage and Soil Erosion:: Specific information regarding soil management and the benefit of corn when combatting erosion.

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