Palm Bunch Ash Organic Fertilizer ( Organic Potash )

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Organic Farming in the Tropics and Subtropics: Date Palm:: Covers all aspects of plant cultivation, biological methods of plant protection, harvesting and post-harvest treatment. [PDF]

Walt's Organic Fertilizer Co.:: Since 1995 Walt's Organic Fertilizer Co. provides organic garden supply and services. The Walt's Organic Fertilizer purveys organic fertilizers & soil amendments, organic chicken feed, organic veggie starts, organic and heirloom seed selection, beneficial organisms, organic onion sets, organic seed potatoes and more.

Greenland Organic Fertilizer:: San Jose is known as "The Egg Basket of the Philippines" wherein there's a man who contributed patience, hardwork, special skills, and talents for its title and popularity in the country. He is Engr. Rolando R. Lagaya. A mechanical engineer by profession, he established his farm together with his parents in 1975 as a mere family business wherein they started with 500 heads of layers at Brgy. Tugtug, San Jose, Batangas. Engr. Lagaya is not only a

Organic Fertilizer Equipment:: As a large fertilizer machinery manufacturer focusing on customer demands, depending on product quality and insisting on after-sales service, Allance Fertilizer Machinery is the most reliable cooperation partner for you! Engaged in providing a comprehensive array of hot-sale organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer machines ; We will, as always, be sincerely at your service! Our products include: Compost Windrow Turner Organic Fertilizer Gra

Dally Humates Organic Fertilizer:: Produces humic acid and potassium humate for use as fertilizer.

Organic Production and Organic Food: Information Access Tools:: Alternative Farming Systems Information Centre (AFSIC) provides a directory of documents, contacts, research sources, web sites and educational programs.

Organic Farm Certification and the National Organic Program:: This guide outlines the considerations involved in moving to organic farming and the basic steps to certification, a necessity if produce is to be marketed as being organic. [PDF]

Organic Trade Association: Organic Is Worth It:: The OTA’s mission is to promote and protect organic trade, to benefit the environment, farmers, the public and the economy.

Organic (Ltd):: A public non-profit organisation, promoting organic and sustainable agriculture in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Danish organic food and farming network. News, companies, facts and organizations.

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