International Pollination Systems (IPS)

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The Pollination Home Page:: Pollination management information for both home and professional fruit and vegetable growers, gardeners, beekeepers and others involved in pollination.

Crop Pollination Consultants:: Consultants in the management of mason, honey, bumble, and leafcutter bees for crop pollination. Also offers bees, nests, and related products for home gardners.

International Irrigation Systems, Inc.:: Drip irrigation systems for home gardeners and commercial growers.

Flavor Systems International, Inc:: Specializes in the custom-creation of food and beverage flavorings. Company profile and product details.

Freezing Systems International:: Offers a complete spectrum of freezing systems for start-up companies and pilot plants. Manufactures blast freezers, mini IQF belt freezers, tunnel freezers, universal freezers, and storage coolers.

Nutri-Systems International, Inc.:: Suppliers of bioremediation products for use in water treatment for aquaculture. Product information, contacts.

Chemigation Systems International:: Manufactures chemigation and fertigation equipment, fertilizer and chemical injectors, mix tanks, and mobile injection systems for agriculture and turf.

Analytical Systems International:: Manufacturer of analyzers, sensors and monitors for air quality, petrochemical gas processing, and environmental industries. Includes details of instruments, and contacts for sales and technical service.

International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems:: ICROFS is a collaborative project between research groups in different institutions. It promotes, communicates and coordinates research into organic food systems.

D.R. systems inc.:: D.R. systems inc. Sustainable Natural Resource Management. Since 1983, D.R. systems inc has provided proven solutions for forestry and other natural resource managers. Together we can achieve improved sustainable solutions that meet your multi-resource challenges. D.R. systems has been successfully developing software products for all aspects of land management for 25 years. This success is directly tied to our number one priority – Customer

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