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Global Potato News:: An online source of potato related information featuring daily potato news updates, a directory of more than 800 links to relevant potato web sites, a globally distributed electronic newsletter containing information about online potato news events and a section for important potato publications.

ABC News: Global Warming:: Articles, analysis, reports, and overviews of the major present day crisis global warming.

BBC News - Global Climate Change:: Archives of the BBC's (2000-2003) in-depth coverage of climate change. Includes the debate, case studies, clickable guides and internet resources.

Southern California Wildfires News, Headlines and Latest Stories on Yahoo! News:: Find news and video covering the wildfires sweeping across Southern California.

Effects of Intercropping Sweet Potato on the Population Density of Sweet Potato Weevil, Cylas Formicarius (F.) (Coleoptera; Curculionidae):: Full text of a 1992 Master's thesis by Alexander Yaku.

Visser Potato LTD:: Grower and exporter. Company profile and history, products, processing and shipping information, and industry news.

Potato Review:: Potatocrop is an essential web site for the professional potato grower. POTATO REVIEW was launched in 1990 and quickly became established as one of Europe’s top specialist agriculture journals. We report on developments in agronomy and crop protection, on new harvesting and handling machinery, on scientific, technical and marketing innovations in the UK and overseas. Copies go to growers, agronomists, merchants, potato buyers and processors

Colorado Potato Beetle:: Provides a history of this pest in the US, its life cycle, alternative hosts, monitoring technique and management. [PDF]

World Potato Congress:: Forum for exchange of international potato information

British Potato Council:: A range of industry related information, including press releases, potato market reports, an events calendar, production issues, and information on British potato seed.

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