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Midwest Shippers Association (MSA):: The Midwest Shippers Association (MSA) is a regional trade association cooperative that serves to promote marketing, and facilitate shipping and delivery of Specialty Grains to consumers and the food industry worldwide. Originally established through a grant from the Minnesota Legislature, the Midwest Shippers Association now serves the region of the United States made up of the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

National Australian Cotton Trade Show:: Details of an annual trade event for the Australian cotton industry. Features a wide range of exhibitors with in-field workshops on a working cotton farm.

Southern Cotton Association:: The objects and purposes of the Southern Cotton Association were described in the Charter, as follows : "The objects and purposes of said corporation are social and educational, to establish harmony and uniformity of trade customs and practices among its members and just and equitable principles in the cotton trade; to promote the general welfare of its members and others engaged in the cotton business, to decide and determine matters of differen

Texas Cotton Association:: The Texas Cotton Association members merchandise the cotton produced by the many thousands of cotton growers in Texas and Oklahoma. Our members provide a ready market for the producers' cotton and maintain a steady supply of the cotton for textile mills around the world. We underwrite the risk from the time and the place the producer elects to sell his product until the time the foreign or domestic customer require delivery. It is our responsibil

Plains Cotton Cooperative Association:: A farmer-owned cotton marketing cooperative.

Autauga Quality Cotton Association (AQCA):: AQCA is one of the leading cotton marketing cooperatives in the United States. We have been serving the cotton marketing needs of our members for over forty years. In 1967, a small group of growers in central Alabama saw the benefit of pooling high quality cotton in an effort to obtain higher prices. As a result of our success, membership has grown to encompass over 2000 producers in nine states from Texas to North Carolina. In today's farming

San Joaquin Valley Quality Cotton Growers Association:: Organization of local growers and ginners of cotton. Directory of member companies and associates. Library of publications and market reports.

Australian Alpaca Association:: Database includes breeder information, publications, national committees, industry news, and general facts.

Australian Galloway Association::

Australian Beef Association:: Watchdog on national issues of the Australian beef industry.

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