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International Olive Council:: The International Olive Council is the only intergovernmental organisation in the world to bring together olive oil and table olive producing and consuming stakeholders. This places it in a unique position as a forum for authoritative discussion on issues of interest to the olive industry. We would therefore like you to think of this site as your first source of information about the Council and the gateway to the olive world. It is also meant to

Food Council International (HFCI):: Halal Food Council International (HFCI) is one of the international halal certifier operating in USA. HFCI got recognition from JAKIM (Malaysia), MUIS (Singapore), and MUI (Indonesia) under the name of Halal Food Council South East Asia (HFC–SEA). HFC–SEA main business is to certify meat and meat products in USA. HFCI strictly follow the guideline of halal as set by Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. This guideline appears in the Codex Alime

International Council of Bottled Water Associations:: Trade organization for the international bottled water industry. Statistics, information on international standards, events, news and FAQ.

International Scientific Council for Island Development:: To contribute to the economic, social and cultural progress of islands throughout the world.

International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC):: The International Food Information Council Foundation provides food safety, nutrition, and healthful eating information to help you make good and safe food choices.

International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC):: Deals with issues involving agricultural and food trade policy, economic development, and sustainability. Dedicated to promoting an open and efficient food and agricultural trade system.

Land of Cotton:: The online newsmagazine for the cotton industry.

Diseases of Cotton:: Deals with the common fungal, bacterial, viral and nematode diseases that affect Gossypium barbadense and Gossypium hirsutum.

About Organic Cotton:: Information portal with farmer profiles and links to cotton processing companies and organizations.

Cotton Australia:: Information for members, the board, contact information, and downloadable publications.

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