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The Tobacco Reference Guide: Tobacco Farmers:: Factsheets on tobacco farming, economics and statistics, and breakdowns by state.

Reynolds Forestry Consulting:: Reynolds Forestry Consulting & Real Estate, PLLC provides specialized forestry services to private timberland owners on over one million acres from Texas to Alabama. We ensure landowners maximize their aesthetic, recreational, stewardship and financial timberland returns based on their individual goals and objectives. Our clientele receive an average of 10% real returns on their pine plantations after cost and before taxes. With a select staff o

Freedom Tobacco:: Marketer of the Legal brand of Colombian cigarettes.

Growing Tobacco at Home:: Videos providing an expert guide and tips on tobacco cultivation, harvesting and processing.

Organic Tobacco Production:: This publication discusses the basic cultural requirements of the crop, weed management, insect pest management, diseases, curing and marketing. [PDF]

Tobacco Journal International:: Information for and about the tobacco industry.

Workman Tobacco Seed, Inc.:: Suppliers of Burley, Dark Fired and Dark Air Cured tobacco seed products.

Tobacco Disease Information Notes:: Provides information on the symptoms, factors affecting development, and control recommendations for a number of diseases that affect this crop.

International Tobacco Growers' Association:: Trade organization open to all national growers' associations. Includes membership list, news, and papers on issues.

Tobacco World Markets and Trade:: USDA circular, May 1998.

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