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Discover Orchids:: Provides basic information on growing orchids and also offers plants for sale.

Discover California:: Featuring beer, wine, food and kitchen accessories.

Discover Lynx:: Provides information on a telemetry project to study the predator prey system of lynx, red deer and roe deer in the Bavarian Forest National Park.

Discover Life:: Information about taxonomy, natural history, distribution, abundance, and ecology of many species worldwide. Includes tools to identify, map, and database species.

Southedge Seeds:: Range of grass and legume products suited to a wide range of environments and climates.

Pacific Seeds:: Researches and breeds seed of tropical baby and sweet corn, sunflower, canola, grain sorghum, and forage crops.

Canterra Seeds Ltd.:: Specializing in certified canola, wheat, oats, peas, beans, and hemp pedigreed seed.

Richardson Seeds, Inc.:: Also headquarters for MMR Genetics, LLC, a sorghum breeding/research company.

Fisher Seeds:: Sells seeds and hay to farmers worldwide.

TGS Seeds:: Mobile seed cleaners.

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USDA National Nutrient Database for  Standard Reference
Agricultural Outlook Yearbook, 1960-1991