The Agricultural Produce Agents Council (APAC)

The Agricultural Produce Agents Council (APAC) Related

National Association of County Agricultural Agents:: Code of ethics, list of educational opportunities, and meeting history.

Southeast Produce Council:: A non-profit organization formed to promote the fresh fruit, vegetable and floral industries. Events, membership information, board of directors listing, and community outreach programs.

Agricultural produce Exporter:: Havidad Nigeria Limited is one of the licensed agro-products exporters from Nigeria to export agricultural products to countries. Nigeria is blessed with massive, enriched soil good enough to produce quality agricultural products. The Federal Government of Nigeria is committed to ensure citizens are encouraged to invest in mechanized farming by creating enabling environment. We have all that is required to meet your order(s). Good customer servic

Agricultural Produce Commission (APC):: The Agricultural Produce Commission Act 1988 (APC) provides Western Australian agricultural producers with the legal framework to collect funds to provide for the development of their industry sector. The Commission works to : • Encourage initiative amongst producers of agricultural produce to form Producers’ Committees for the purposes of providing services to producers of that agricultural produce. • To provide Western Australian pro

Your Place to Sell & Buy Agricultural Produce & Products:: Our Mission and Statement Vision To provide a convenient and hassle - free resources to the farmer so that he can sell his produce at his own terms i.e. (price, location and buyer) and to initiate exchange of information between seller and buyer, thus developing commercial activities without total reliance on intermediaries.

Watershed Agricultural Council:: Protects the New York City water supply for consumers and promotes agricultural and forestry practices in the Catskill region.

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology:: Assembles, interprets, and communicates science-based information regionally, nationally, and internationally on food, fiber, agricultural, natural resource, and related societal and environmental issues. Topics include animal science, food science, agricultural technology, education, plant and soil sciences, and plant protection.

The Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria:: To achieve significant improvements in agricultural productivity, marketing and competitiveness by generating appropriate technologies and policy options, promoting innovation, establishing a knowledge management capacity and strengthening the agricultural research system. To develop a dynamic, highly motivated and intellectually up to date agricultural research network with a sharp focus for lifting Nigeria’s agricultural potentials to self

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC):: An agricultural research organization conducting and coordinating research in agricultural sciences.

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC):: The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) has been established in 1973 with the aim of coordinating systematic agricultural research in the country. It is the apex body of National Agricultural Research System (NARS). • Vision: the vision of the BARC is to develop an e

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