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Idaho State Department of Agriculture:: Serving the public since 1919. Serving consumers and agriculture by safeguarding the public, plants, animals and the environment through education and regulation. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture has an ever-important place in one of the state’s largest industry sectors. We recognize Idaho’s economic well-being is forever tied to the health of its farming and ranching. We also recognize new opportunities exist that will redefine the

State of Illinois Department of Agriculture:: The roots of the Illinois Department of Agriculture go back to 1819, when the Illinois Agricultural Association was formed just months after Illinois became a state. The only known record of this organization comes from letters written by early settlers. In 1853, the association became the Illinois State Agricultural Society, with a 2-year budget of $1,000. The society was active until 1871 when a new state constitution created the Illinois Depar

Iowa State University College of Agriculture: Department of Forestry:: Contact information, undergraduate and graduate programs, scholarships, jobs, extension, faculty, staff, and departmental newsletter.

The Vermont Dept. Of Agriculture, Food & Markets:: Providing a gateway to Department services and links to Vermont farms and agriculture

New York State Museum:: This has been an exciting fall as two major exhibitions marked the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. On September 19, the Board of Regents of the NYS Education Department, the State Museum, State Library, and State Archives, launched a statewide tour of an American treasure—the only surviving draft of the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, written in Abraham Lincoln’s own hand. This groundbreaking exhibition, titled "The First Step to Fr

Associated New York State Food Processors:: Represents fruit and vegetable processors from New York, on environmental issues and food safety concerns.

New York State Turfgrass Association:: The mission of the NYSTA is to unify, lead and promote professionalism among people interested in the turfgrass industry.

New York State Maple Producers Association:: Represents approximately 500 syrup makers in North America. Provides a description of maple products, list of maple producers, maple events and tours, maple facts and maple recipes.

Environmental Impact Assessment in New York State:: Regulations and related requirements, guidance for analyzing impacts, electronic copies of past state EISs, and downloadable forms.

New York State Forest Owner's Association (NYFOA):: Nonprofit organization of land owners interested in forest stewardship: sustainable harvesting, wildlife, recreation and aesthetics.

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