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Passion For Coffee:: Custom roasted products from around the world. Describes tastes of each one, with links to sites about the industry.

Fruit Passion:: Fruit Passion : Truly passionate about Fairtrade. Fruit Passion is the UK’s original Fairtrade fruit juice. We started out back in 2001, with Orange, Breakfast and Tropical and have since evolved into the brand we are today. Our mission is to help fruit growers to live a life free of poverty by using the Fairtrade system of trading. This enables growers in developing countries to improve their living and working conditions. We’ve updated and

Fruits & Passion:: Created in 1992 from a desire to offer the very best in personal care and ambiance products, Fruits & Passion creates and manufactures a line of unique products that stand apart in quality and originality. At Fruits & Passion, we believe it's important to get back to real values, to return to time-tested traditions reinvented by today's technology. We love what is true, we love what entices, we love what surprises! In short, we love life'a style

South Tropical S.A.:: Offers organic shrimp farmed from Ecuador. Company history, values, and product details.

Tropical Wholefoods:: Fair Trade sun dried mango, pineapple, banana, dried mushrooms, chillis and tomatoes, snack bars and energy products.

T. Tropical Farm Co., Ltd.:: Thai grower and exporter of cut orchids, lucky bamboo and dragon fruit. Includes product image galleries.

Tropical Interiors, Inc.:: Commercial interiorscaping services provided in greater Portland, Oregon area; design, installation, maintenance services for interior plants, color spot rotations, exterior container gardening and Christmas decorations.

Tropical Vibe:: Wholesale nursery in California specialized in palms, cycads and a range of other tropical flowering and foliage plants.

Tropical Conservancy:: Canadian-based organization working to conserve world biodiversity and environment.

Tropical Environment Inc.:: Offers asbestos inspection and removal, lead paint abatement and mitigation, and mold removal in the Midwest.

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