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Purdue University: Ask Our Experts:: Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory, West Lafayette, Indiana. Canada geese, moles, fairy rings, crab grass, creeping Charlie, in zoysiagrass, overseeded grass.

Purdue University's Forage Information Web Site:: This site contains information on forages for the Midwestern U.S. It contains a section on forage plant identification, complete with photos.

Purdue Agriculture:: Purdue University School of Agriculture, Purdue Agriculture is among the best colleges of agriculture in the nation and world. We are committed to providing exceptional education for our students; discovering knowledge that stretches the frontiers of science and provides solutions to societal challenges; and helping the people of Indiana, our nation, and the world improve their lives and livelihoods.

Purdue Turfgrass Program:: University courses, Turf Tips, publications, and other information on biological control, managing lawns, and turf events.

Purdue Landscape and Nursery Thesaurus:: PLANT provides an extensive list of links to information of interest to landscape and nursery professionals.

Purdue Agriculture Food Science:: The Department of Food Science was formed in 1983 from the already-existing Food Sciences Institute. The Purdue University College of Agriculture serves Indiana and the nation through teaching, Extension, research and International Programs. Departments in the college include Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, Botany and Plant Pathology, Entomology, Food Science, Forestry and

University of Iowa: University Hygienic Laboratory:: Maintains a network of instruments and devices located throughout the state to monitor ambient air quality. Provides articles and information on composting and worms. Homepage of the International Banana Society. Provides a wiki, gallery and extensive forums for members from around the world to discuss growing bananas, banana economics and banana cultivars. Information resource portal for lupins designed to educate the agricultural and wider community about the uses and benefits of farming lupins.

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