Maize Research and Development

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Research for Development Review:: IITA is an international nonprofit research for development organization. It publishes a scientific magazine twice a year dealing with innovations in agricultural research for development.

Evergreen Research and Development:: Specializes in sourcing both commercial and organic ingredients for the food and bakery industry.

Cotton Research and Development Corporation:: Aims to enhance the contribution of research and development to build a viable and sustainable cotton industry.

Awassi- Tropical Agricultural Research and Development:: Seminar paper about local knowledge with examples from Jordanian Bedouins and their Awassi sheep flocks.

Association of Volunteers in Research and Environmental Development:: Non-governmental, nonprofit organization that develops activities and projects to encourage environmentally beneficient sustainability.

Global Development Research Centre (GDRC):: The Global Development Research Center is an independent nonprofit think tank that carries out initiatives in education, research and practice, in the spheres of environment, urban, community and information, and at scales that are effective. Our vision is t o contribute to broad-based global development by facilitating the creation and use of knowledge. GDRC aims to bring together disparate knowledge resources on a three pronged approach:

Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center:: At the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, we bring knowledge to life with top scientists and facilities. Our outstanding research makes a difference in the world around us. We focus our work on three signature areas: • Advanced Bioenergy and Biobased Products. As the importance of renewable sources for energy and materials increases, research and industry partnerships come together in this signature area to develop biomass

Journal of Environmental Research And Development (JERAD):: Journal of Environmental Research And Development is an inter-disciplinary quarterly magazine of Jerad Publications, Bhopal (India). It's objective is to disseminate concept of environmental awareness and contribute to a better surroundings. Its focal is on applied research and reflections that are relevant to scholars of all disciplines and meet standards of academic rigour. It has a special emphasis on planning and management issues that are re

Nature Farming Research & Development Foundation:: NFRDF is undertaking research into new sustainable technologies in the agro-industrial processes, livestock health and the reclamation and management of inferior soil and water resources.

A Summary of Kenaf Production and Product Development Research 1989-1993:: This publication serves as a summary of this research of the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station at Mississippi State University and several of its outlying branch stations. The topics discussed range from agronomic research to various aspects of product development. Has links to most of the research of the pioneering Mississippi State University publications.

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