Supersweet Corn: Zea mays

Supersweet Corn: Zea mays Related

Corn Cutworms:: Information and photographs of these and other similar pests to help identify the cause of crop damage, and a guide to control. [PDF]

Colorado Corn:: Information regarding corn growers in Colorado. Areas include Best Management Practices, environment and education.

Illinois Corn:: Research information regarding growing corn in Illinois. Also has educational material for teachers and media.

Missouri Corn:: Provides information on growing corn in Missouri. Also provides information on ethanol production, scientific research and educational information.

European Corn Borer:: This pest prefers other crops but can also attack potatoes. Provides information on its life cycle, the damage caused, monitoring and management. [PDF]

Corn Refiners Association, Inc.:: U.S. national association representing the corn refining (wet milling) industry.

Common Diseases of Corn:: Photographs and information on various diseases which may affect this crop, the life cycle of the causal agent, the symptoms and plant health management.

Common Smut of Corn:: Photographs of this common disease, the symptoms, causal organism and management.

Texas Corn Production:: Includes growth and development, water demand, irrigation management, and the diseases and insects which may affect this crop. [PDF]

Colonial Kettle Corn:: Made from a historic 200 year old recipe for a slightly sweet and salty taste. Order just corn or in a decorative tin.

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