Texas Corn Production Related

Organic Field Corn Production:: This publication discusses the basic cultural requirements of the crop, weed management, insect pest management, diseases, economics and marketing. [PDF]

Sustainable Corn and Soybean Production:: This publication discusses the relationship of these crops to overall farm sustainability and suggests ways to improve the sustainability of their production, including using diversification options that are more sustainable than annual row crops. [PDF]

Texas Corn Producers Board:: Includes news, calendar of events, research, and corn use information.

High Oil Corn Production & Marketing Guide:: Provides a source of knowledge on the production, nutritional value, utilization, and marketing of high oil corn.

Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences, Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas:: Official Web site of Wildlife and fisheries sciences department at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

Corn Cutworms:: Information and photographs of these and other similar pests to help identify the cause of crop damage, and a guide to control. [PDF]

Colorado Corn:: Information regarding corn growers in Colorado. Areas include Best Management Practices, environment and education.

Illinois Corn:: Research information regarding growing corn in Illinois. Also has educational material for teachers and media.

Missouri Corn:: Provides information on growing corn in Missouri. Also provides information on ethanol production, scientific research and educational information.

European Corn Borer:: This pest prefers other crops but can also attack potatoes. Provides information on its life cycle, the damage caused, monitoring and management. [PDF]

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