Oat Stem Rust

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Oat Crown Rust:: Photograph of foliage infected by Puccinia coronata var. avenae.

Wheat Stem Rust:: Photograph of infected plant.

Leaf, Stem and Stripe Rust Diseases of Wheat:: Provides illustrations and information on the distinguishing features of the different rusts that affect wheat, their epidemiology and management.

Oat Diseases:: Information on fungal, bacterial and viral diseases of this crop, including the symptoms, disease cycle and control.

Oat Newsletter:: Sponsored by the American Oat Workers Conference, contains articles on cultivation and links to relevant sites.

Wheat Leaf Rust:: Photograph of a leaf infected with Puccinia recondita.

Asian Soybean Rust:: This article discusses Asian Soybean Rust, its occurrence, and the control options available for organic producers, such as biofungicide and foliar and other fertilizations.

Soybean Rust, Phakopsora pachyrhizi:: Photograph of affected foliage and a description of the symptoms.

Wheat Stem Sawfly:: Provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions on Cephus cinctus and help in distinguishing it from other similar insects.

Cotton Stem Canker:: Information on this disease, also known as wet weather blight or ascochyta blight, caused by Phoma exigua, its symptoms, environment factors, impact and management.

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Oat Diseases
Oat Crown Rust