Chinch Bug Management

Chinch Bug Management Related

BUG Agentes Biologicos:: Supplier of predatory insect eggs and Parasitoids used for natural protection of crops

Bug Vacuums for Organic Crop Protection:: Field vacuums provide a non-chemical approach to insect pest management. This article discusses their advantages and disadvantages and the sourcing of suitable equipment.

Best Management Practices: A Manure Nutrient Management Program:: Article describes methods of applying the natural fertilizer, while avoiding pollution. From the Ohio State University Extension - Department of Horticulture and Crop Science.

Sheep Management::: Fact sheet #1. Recommendations for sheep selection programs. Provided by Iowa State University. [PDF]

Pasture Management:: Land management consultant working out of Absarokee, Mont. provides information about regenerating and fencing your land.

Forest Management:: Provides guidance on giving woodland proper care so that it remains healthy and vigorous and able to provide the products and amenities the landowner desires.

Orchard Management:: This article provides information on year round activities in Californian almond orchards.

Nematodes and their Management:: Information on the microscopic parasitic roundworms that live in soil and attack plant roots, their biology, symptoms, damage, management, cultural practices and chemical control. [PDF]

Dairy Management Inc.:: Helps build demand for dairy products on behalf of dairy producers.

Northwest Management Inc:: A consulting forestry firm serving Idaho, Eastern Washington, Northeast Oregon, and Western Montana. Serving forest landowner needs in timber management, appraisals, harvesting, fire management, wildfire control, and prescribed burning.

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