Scouting Small Grains

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Small Grains:: Small Grains is maintained cooperatively by the Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers (MAWG), the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council, and the University of Minnesota's Northwest Experiment Station. The mission is to provide timely information to wheat farmers in the region.

Small Grains Pest Management:: Provides general information on insecticides and fungicides and details of the diseases, insects, mites, nematodes and weeds that may attack grain crops.

North Carolina Small Grains Production:: Information on small grains, variety selection and production topics.

Services: Evergreen FS Crop Scouting:: Crop Scouting and Consulting services

IPM: Scouting and Monitoring for Pests in Commercial Greenhouses:: Provides guidance on identifying insect, mite and disease problems and observing changes in the severity of infestations as a foundation for an IPM program. [PDF]

Small Pellet Machine and Small Pellet Plant Manufacturer:: GEMCO is one of world leading pellet mill manufacturers. Over more than 10 years of research and development, GEMO has achieved progress in pellet mill technologies. The small pellet mill (capacity 50-800kg/h) is GEMCO hot sale product. It has four types: electric small pellet mill, diesel pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill. The small pellet mill can make pellets from biomass like wood, sawdust, bamboo, straw, grass, stalk, ric

U.S. Grains Council:: Develops export markets for U.S. barley, corn, grain sorghum and related products.

Paul's Grains:: Offering whole grains and stone ground flours and cereals. Includes gluten-free diet and bread machine tips and recipes.

Florida Grains Inc.:: Caribbean producers of a variety of rice products. Company profile, product details, and contact form.

Community Grains:: Community Grains offers true whole grain products – grown with integrity and whole milled to preserve the essential nutrients and robust flavors lost to industrial milling.

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