Stored Grain Insects, Mites and Molds

Stored Grain Insects, Mites and Molds Related

Insects, Mites and Diseases Recorded on Crops in Ghana:: Checklists of insects, mites and diseases of more than 30 fruit, vegetable and cereal crops grown in Ghana.

Stored Grain Pest Management:: Effective control of stored grain pests with minimal pesticide use requires an integrated approach combining sanitation, monitoring and other preventive practices. This article looks at non-toxic treatments and biological control using natural enemies.

Other Controls: Insects, Enemies of Insects:: Article by Barnard D. Burks which investigates the insect world, describes how some insects parasatize others and how man can benefit from this.

Journal of Stored Products Research:: Reflects the worldwide interest in the scientific problems of infestation in stored food and their relevance to trade and the increasing world food shortage.

Insects:: Insects and Bugs on the Web. The aim of the website to help you really see insects for the miniature marvels they represent and to understand how intertwined our cultures have become with these alien creatures.

Feeder Insects: Livefood:: Offers a range of feeder insects to hobbyists, shipping anywhere in continental USA. Includes firebrats, woodlice, bean weevils and buffalo worms.

Soybean Insects and Diseases:: Photographs and information from Iowa State University on soybean insects, foliar injury and disease, stem and root diseases, seed and seedling diseases, soybean viruses and cyst nematodes.

Grass Seed Insects:: Information on identifying insects commonly found in grass seed fields and determining whether the insect is a pest, the severity of the problem and what treatment is recommended.

Beneficial Insects Research Unit:: Located at the University of Delaware, Newark. Provides information on current projects and research programs.

Biology and Management of Potato Insects:: Illustrated account of the various pests that attack this crop below the ground, chew foliage and stems or suck the sap, with possible control measures for each. [PDF]

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