Rice Sheath Blight: Thanatephorus cucumeris Related

Petikam's Page on Banded Leaf and Sheath Blight of Maize:: Information about this disease and investigations by researcher at Indian Agricultural Institute. Also contains his curriculum vitae.

Bacterial Leaf Blight of Rice:: Photograph of mature plants affected by Xanthomonas oryzae and a description of the symptoms.

St. Maries Wild Rice & Ankeny Lakes Wild Rice:: Packages of various wild rices and blends, some with cookbooks.

Ascochyta Blight:: Factsheet from Oregon State University Extension with photographs and information on the cause, symptoms, cultivar resistance and chemical control of this disease.

Bacterial Blight of Cotton:: Sometimes called angular leaf spot, this destructive disease is caused by Xanthomonas campestris. Information on the symptoms, disease impact and management.

Lentil: Ascochyta Blight:: Information on the symptoms, disease cycle and possible control measures.

Pod and Stem Blight:: Photograph of an infection caused by Diaporthe phaseolorum var Sojae on a soybean plant.

Ascochyta Blight of Chick Pea:: Photographs and information on this disease including the symptoms, disease cycle and control measures that can be used. [PDF]

Soil-borne Blight Diseases of Peanut:: Photographs and much information on southern blight and sclerotina blight, the disease cycle, symptoms and control. [PDF]

Fire Blight of Pear, Erwinia amylovora:: Information from West Virginia University on this serious condition, monitoring the trees and possible control methods.

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