Rye as a Cover Crop

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Mucuna Bracteata - Cover Crop:: Describes the establishment of the legume Mucuna bracteata under Oil Palm in Malaysia.

Cover Crop Seed For Sale:: A global network directory of cover crop seed for sale. Legumes, cereal grains, organic seed for sale. Other types of listing may also be found on this website such as grain seed and land for sale or lease.

Sustainable Agriculture Cover Crop Database:: A database of plants that can be used as cover crops, especially in North America. Includes details of each species.

Green Cover Seed:: Green Cover Seed is your source for No-till Cover Crop Seed and Cover Crop Seed Mixes. Our 2000+ acre farm in south central Nebraska has been 100% continuous no-till for over 12 years and we have been working hard for the last several years to research and incorporate cover crops into our no-till system. We have researched cover crop water usage, cover crop nutrient content, and cover crop effect on following crops and our findings are both excit

Inland Tarp & Cover Inc.:: Tarps for hay, trucks, and custom covers.

Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers - Kansas State University:: Explains the concept of using cover crops (green manure), explaining how they can improve the structure and fertility of soils. Of interest to both organic and conventional growers. [PDF]

Diseases of Rye and Triticale:: Some notes on identifying ergot, cottony snow mold and stem smut, and some possible management strategies.

A Production Perspective on Rye:: Reports on European rye production from the USDA.

Fall Rye Production:: Production information from the Alberta, Canada agricultural department.

Rye Production and Management:: From the Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives department.

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