Winter Rye for Extending the Grazing Season

Winter Rye for Extending the Grazing Season Related

Winter Rye Production:: World production information from the University of Saskatchewan.

Windrow Grazing:: Discussion on this alternative to feeding baled hay, which can significantly reduce harvesting, feeding and labor costs. [PDF]

A Southern Season:: Many different themed and customized food gift baskets from around the world and around the corner.

Kernel Season's:: Seasoning that can be sprinkled on microwave or air-popped popcorn. Flavors include Cheddar, Cajun, jalapeño and apple-cinnamon. Also offers a small selection of poppers and accessories.

All Season Beverage, Inc.:: Distributor of premium fruit based smoothies, granita's and frozen cappuccino.

The Ideal Lambing Season:: Realistically, an ideal lambing season is not likely; however, we can manage the ewes to approach the ideal as close as possible.

Forage and Rotational Grazing Links:: Extensive list of publications for those establishing and/or managing pasture or forage.

Grass Growth and Response to Grazing:: Information about practices to help ensure that grazing livestock in Colorado harvest only part of the perennial forage crop to maintain the health and vigor of grasses.

Grazing Management - An Ecological Perspective:: Publication edited by Rodney Heitschmidt and Jerry Stuth. Out of print.

Grazing Systems and Alternative Livestock Breeds:: Livestock production alternatives provide farmers with a wide variety of options, from raising unusual animals to utilizing pasture-based systems or developing value-added animal products.

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