Winter Wheat Disease Control

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Bi-Cropping of Winter Wheat and White Clover:: A report on the methods and economics of growing two crops on the same land in Ireland. Growing cereals in a leguminous living mulch (bi-cropping) could potentially reduce the need for synthetic inputs to cereal production while preventing losses of nutrients and increasing soil biological activity. The objective of this project was to investigate how bi-cropping (a low input production system for cereals) would compare with conventional wint

Winter Wheat in the Golden Belt of Kansas:: E-text of "A Study in Adaptation to Subhumid Geographical Environment" by James C. Malin.

Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings:: Detailed results of trials on the susceptibility of different varieties of wheat to many of the common diseases. [PDF]

Wheat Disease Management Guide: Update 2007:: The Home Grown Cereal Authority in the UK provides an on-line wheat disease management guide updated annually.

Panama Disease Control:: Information on this disease of bananas caused by the Fusarium wilt fungus, the different strains, the symptoms and control.

Biology and Control of Take-all Disease:: Information on the fungus, Gaeumannomyces graminis, which is a major root-rot pathogen of cereals and grasses.

Plant Disease Control:: An online guide to Plant Disease Control, Oregon State University Extension. This "online guide" contains the A to Z text sections and many articles from the PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook. The ability to request a search provides access to these text sections in ways never before possible. The addition of color photographs also enhances the use of these sections for plant disease diagnosis. The fact sheet button is intended to create a si

Pepper Disease Control:: Describes the more important diseases, lists recommended fungicides and provides a 10 point control program.

Weed Control in Organic Wheat:: Provides guidance on the place of wheat in the rotation and cultivation techniques to control weed growth. [PDF]

Plant Disease Control: Strawberry:: Detailed information on about fifteen diseases which can affect this crop and the control methods available.

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