Organic Cotton Production

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Organic Production and Organic Food: Information Access Tools:: Alternative Farming Systems Information Centre (AFSIC) provides a directory of documents, contacts, research sources, web sites and educational programs.

California Cotton Production Information:: Information resource for cotton growers in California. Provides research results, publications, variety trials, planting forecasts, field checks and links to related sites.

About Organic Cotton:: Information portal with farmer profiles and links to cotton processing companies and organizations.

CPPRU - Cotton Production and Processing Research Unit:: USA. Government research organization, focused on developing and integrating basic knowledge and processing systems for stripper-harvested cotton.

Organic Cotton Site:: The Sustainable Cotton Project, which was founded to search for, develop and promote ways to grow clean, chemical and pesticide free cotton.

Organic Farming in the Tropics and Subtropics: Cotton:: Covers all aspects of plant cultivation, harvesting and post-harvest treatment. [PDF]

Organic Hop Production:: This publication looks at cultural requirements for organic hops, varieties and recent research, with a list of further resources. [PDF]

Organic Alfalfa Production:: This publication discusses the basic cultural requirements of the crop, the management of insect pests and diseases including root, crown and foliar diseases, nematodes, vertebrate pests, weed controls, economics and marketing. [PDF]

Organic Soybean Production:: This publication discusses how organic cultivation of this crop differs from standard practices, crop rotations and fertilization, weed, insect and disease pest management, and economic and marketing considerations. [PDF]

Organic Tobacco Production:: This publication discusses the basic cultural requirements of the crop, weed management, insect pest management, diseases, curing and marketing. [PDF]

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