Alfalfa Disease Management

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Management of Blister Beetles in Alfalfa:: These insects contain a blistering agent which is toxic to horses and cattle. This article provides information on their life cycle, the serious damage they can cause to livestock when ingested and preventative measures that may be taken.

Potato Leafhopper Management in Alfalfa:: Identification features of this pest, its migratory habits, symptoms of the damage caused and management and control measures that can be taken.

Soil and Nutrient Management of Alfalfa:: Alfalfa has a high demand for nutrients compared to other crops. Information on testing soils, recommended nutrient levels and subsequent management.

Alfalfa Insects: Integrated Crop Management:: Photographs and information to help in identification of the many insects to be found in first-cutting alfalfa, both friend and foe.

Wheat Disease Management Guide: Update 2007:: The Home Grown Cereal Authority in the UK provides an on-line wheat disease management guide updated annually.

Integrated Pest and Disease Management for Australian Summerfruit:: This downloadable manual provides information on the practical options available for controlling pests and diseases in orchards.

Alfalfa Weevil:: Information on this important insect pest, Hypera postica, its life history, crop management practices, biological and chemical control, not forgetting the protection of pollinating insects.

Aphids in Alfalfa:: Information on the species that affect alfalfa, their management and control, and the protection of pollinating insects, and photographs of some beneficial insects useful for biological control.

Diseases of Alfalfa:: Information on various diseases which may affect this crop with photographs of some, the life cycle of the causal agent, the symptoms and plant health management.

Alfalfa Council:: Develops publications and programs covering a wide range of subjects of concern to alfalfa growers.

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