Aphids in Alfalfa

Aphids in Alfalfa Related

Cereal Aphids:: Aphid biology and information on the different species that affect small grains, sorghum, millet and corn. Includes photographs of insects and their identifying features.

Aphids on Ornamentals:: Photograph of an infected leaf with information on hosts, symptoms, life cycle and a description of these pests.

Alfalfa Weevil:: Information on this important insect pest, Hypera postica, its life history, crop management practices, biological and chemical control, not forgetting the protection of pollinating insects.

Diseases of Alfalfa:: Information on various diseases which may affect this crop with photographs of some, the life cycle of the causal agent, the symptoms and plant health management.

Alfalfa Council:: Develops publications and programs covering a wide range of subjects of concern to alfalfa growers.

Autotoxicity in Alfalfa:: Article describing how old, living alfalfa plants or residual litter from old plants can destroy or greatly reduce the vigor of new alfalfa plants.

Oklahoma Alfalfa:: Production information including tips, extension publications, photos, facts, and trivia.

Alfalfa Disease Management:: Provides information on disease identification, control, field monitoring, scouting and resistant varieties.

Alfalfa Leaf Diseases:: Photographs and information on a number of diseases that affect this crop.

Diseases of Alfalfa: Nematodes:: Information on the damage done by the stem nematode, Ditylenchus dipsaci, with photographs of infected plants.

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