Management of Blister Beetles in Alfalfa

Management of Blister Beetles in Alfalfa Related

Blister Beetles in Forage Crops:: Information on these toxic insects, their biology and habits, the risk to livestock of eating contaminated hay which is believed to be increased by hay conditioning, and control of the beetles.

Alfalfa Disease Management:: Provides information on disease identification, control, field monitoring, scouting and resistant varieties.

Potato Leafhopper Management in Alfalfa:: Identification features of this pest, its migratory habits, symptoms of the damage caused and management and control measures that can be taken.

Soil and Nutrient Management of Alfalfa:: Alfalfa has a high demand for nutrients compared to other crops. Information on testing soils, recommended nutrient levels and subsequent management.

Alfalfa Insects: Integrated Crop Management:: Photographs and information to help in identification of the many insects to be found in first-cutting alfalfa, both friend and foe.

Pear Midge and Leaf Blister Mite:: Information on Contarinia pyrivora and Eriophyes pyri which are two very common pests of pear trees, including typical symptoms, the life cycle of the pest and prevention and control measures.

Potato Flea Beetles:: Information on this insect from Maine Potato Integrated Pest Management.

Flea Beetles on Sugar Beets:: Description and life history of flea beetles, Psylliodes punctulata melsheimer, on sugar beet plants, the damage caused and possible control measures.

Exotic Wood-boring Beetles in British Columbia: Interceptions and Establishments:: Research results covering the non-indigenous Wood-boring Beetles in Packing Materials and Dunnage arriving in Canada.

Alfalfa Weevil:: Information on this important insect pest, Hypera postica, its life history, crop management practices, biological and chemical control, not forgetting the protection of pollinating insects.

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