Managing the Alfalfa Weevil

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Alfalfa Weevil:: Information on this important insect pest, Hypera postica, its life history, crop management practices, biological and chemical control, not forgetting the protection of pollinating insects.

Managing Wholes.:: Articles, tutorials, quizzes, simulations, demos and photos treat ranching and farming as a holistic environmental management concept.

Identifying and Managing Wheat Rusts:: Photographs of stem and leaf rusts and discussion of the management decisions that need to be made and the control options available. [PDF]

Managing Turfgrass under Drought Conditions:: Factsheet from Ohio State University Extension giving guidance on the proper cultural practices for lawns before and during water stress periods.

Managing Mosquitoes in an Agricultural Situation:: Mosquitoes can be a public nuisance and this article discusses various methods of controlling them.

Managing Biodiversity in Agricultural Ecosystems - Symposium Report:: To advance understanding of the complex process and mechanisms for on-farm management of agricultural biodiversity and their relation with farmers' livelihoods. Montreal, Canada - November 8-10, 2001.

Strawberry Root Weevil:: Information on Brachyrhinus ovatus, its description, life history and damage caused.

Cabbage Seed Weevil:: Photograph and information on these insects, the larvae of which attack oilseed rape, their biology and advice on control measures.

Banana Weevil Borer:: Information on this pest and its life history, the damage it causes, husbandry methods, trapping and other means of control.

APHIS: Boll Weevil Eradication:: Provides information about U.S. boll weevil eradication programs in question and answer format. [PDF]

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