Soil and Nutrient Management of Alfalfa

Soil and Nutrient Management of Alfalfa Related

Best Management Practices: A Manure Nutrient Management Program:: Article describes methods of applying the natural fertilizer, while avoiding pollution. From the Ohio State University Extension - Department of Horticulture and Crop Science.

Soil Plant Nutrient Research Unit:: Description of current research projects in the areas of soil resources management and global change. Publications and posters available.

Nutrient Management Institute, Netherlands:: The research projects are primarily aimed at development of new knowledge and methods concerning the improvement of nutrient management in agriculture.

UMD Agricultural Nutrient Management:: Farmers and scientists can learn about nutrient contamination of the Chesapeake Bay and ways to prevent it by using best management practices.

Nova Scotia Nutrient Management Manual:: Covers topics including basic soil fertility concepts, macronutrients, testing for nutrients, manure as a nutrient source, commercial fertilizers, legumes and developing a NM Plan.

Nutrient Management for Commercial Fruit & Vegetable Crops in Minnesota:: Provides guidelines for economically and environmentally sound use of fertilizers in commercial fruit and vegetable production. From the University of Minnesota.

Alfalfa Disease Management:: Provides information on disease identification, control, field monitoring, scouting and resistant varieties.

Management of Blister Beetles in Alfalfa:: These insects contain a blistering agent which is toxic to horses and cattle. This article provides information on their life cycle, the serious damage they can cause to livestock when ingested and preventative measures that may be taken.

Potato Leafhopper Management in Alfalfa:: Identification features of this pest, its migratory habits, symptoms of the damage caused and management and control measures that can be taken.

Alfalfa Insects: Integrated Crop Management:: Photographs and information to help in identification of the many insects to be found in first-cutting alfalfa, both friend and foe.

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