Pasture Management for Horses

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Pasture Management:: Land management consultant working out of Absarokee, Mont. provides information about regenerating and fencing your land.

Pasture Management Systems:: Supplies and tools for electric fences.

Pasture Meter:: Folding plate pasture meter used for measuring the amount of pasture in your paddocks. Readings can then be converted to an amount of Dry Matter (DM), ready for use in Feed Budgeting.

Ox Pasture Maples:: Vermont Pure Maple Syrup, maple cookbooks, maple gift items.

Improving Pasture Productivity:: Information on understanding the weather and climate and how they affect forage plant growth, with particular reference to Alberta.

Determining Pasture Rental Rates:: Describes method of leasing out or renting pasture based on animal unit months (AUMs).

Ryegrass Types for Pasture and Hay:: Notes on the different varieties, including hybrids, and their use in the USA.

NCSU Forages and Pasture Information Site:: Includes a set of factsheets and information bulletins on forage crops, from North Carolina State University.

All Happy Horses:: A small facility located on the west side of North Petaluma, California, offering boarding, mare and foal care, retirement and layups, and sales. Details of facilities and sales list.

4 T Horses Ranch:: Classified ads featuring Paint and Quarter Horses for sale. Also web site development.

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