Perennial Ryegrass Seed Production in Western Canada

Perennial Ryegrass Seed Production in Western Canada Related

Ryegrass Seed:: Nature's Finest Seed offers premium Ryegrass seed at competitive prices. High purity grass and native wildflower seed for lawn, beautification, reclamation, restoration, habitat and pasture. No added inert matter or filler species. Planting aids, seed spreaders, mulch granules, Soil-Boost™ and more.

Western Canada Farm Progress Show:: An annual farm expo held in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Features dryland farming technologies with hundreds of farm machinery and equipment exhibits.

Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada:: Charitable organization dedicated to the health and vitality of the earth through the preservation and promotion of heritage seeds.

Condor Seed Production, Inc.:: Producer and wholesale distributor of vegetable and herb seeds.

Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada Inc.:: Professional organization for seed analysts - Canada

Cool-Season Grass Seed Production:: Factsheet on cool-season grasses and their cultivation and harvesting for seed.

Ryegrass Types for Pasture and Hay:: Notes on the different varieties, including hybrids, and their use in the USA.

Perennial Tea Room:: Offers a selection of teas, teapots and tea accessories.

Perennial Forage Establishment in Alberta:: Information on choosing the right species and ensuring strong seedling growth.

Perennial Plant Association (PPA):: A professional organization dedicated to improving the perennial plant industry.

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Ryegrass Seed
Ryegrass Types for Pasture and Hay