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Growing Dry Edible Beans:: Information on growing this crop, the market and economics, cultivation methods, pest management, harvesting and storage.

Beans: Dry and Snap:: Information on growing these crops including recommended varieties, planting methods, fertility, harvesting and information on pests and their control.

Crop Profile for Dry Beans in Kansas:: General Production Information : In 2002, Kansas ranked 14th in U.S. Pinto bean production behind ND, MI, NE, MN, ID, CA, CO, WA, WY, MT, NY, TX, and SD. Kansas contributed 0.5% to the total U.S. Pinto production. The total production of Pinto beans in 2002 was 160,000 cwt, down 38% from 2001 production. Over 75% of total dry edible bean production in Kansas was Pinto beans. Total acreage planted with Pinto bean was 18,000, up 2,000 acres from 20

AJ's Edible Arts Inc.:: Wholesale and retail sales of mustard, mixes for salad dressing or cheese balls, barbecue sauces and salsa.

Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms:: Directory providing links to researchers investigating edible mycorrhizal fungi, including truffles, Boletus, Cantharellus, Lactarius and Tricholoma.

Thai Edible Oil Co., Ltd.:: Producer, distributor, and exporter of rice bran oil. Located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Edible Wild Mushrooms:: Resources for anyone interested in collecting wild mushrooms! Wild Food Field Guide to Leeks, Morels, Chanterelles, Black Trumpets, Porchini and Hen of the Woods. To learn more about each of the delicious wild mushrooms please, explore our website.

Edible Soybean Production and Marketing:: Edible soybeans are used for making tofu, tempeh, soynut snacks and other foods and are milder-tasting and more digestible than field soybeans. [PDF]

Dipped Fruit by Edible Arrangements:: Offers a variety of hand dipped gourmet chocolate covered fruits.

Post-Harvest Operation: Edible Aroids:: Provides information on harvesting, transport, corm curing, cleaning, packaging, storage, processing and aroids for rural agro-industrialisation.

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Crop Profile for Dry Beans in Kansas
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