Sustainable Dry Bean Production

Sustainable Dry Bean Production Related

Dry Bean Production Guide:: Information from the Northarvest Bean Growers Association on all aspects of growing Phaseolus vulgaris as a commercial crop.

Nebraska Dry Bean Commission:: Dry bean program consisting of research, education, advertising, publicity, and promotion to increase total consumption of dry beans on a state, national, and international basis.

Sustainable Pecan Production:: Information on the pecan, Carya illinoinensis, its cultivation including sustainable and organic production methods, its pests and diseases and a list of the cultivars resistant to pecan scab.

Sustainable Corn and Soybean Production:: This publication discusses the relationship of these crops to overall farm sustainability and suggests ways to improve the sustainability of their production, including using diversification options that are more sustainable than annual row crops. [PDF]

Protected Cultivation: An Approach to Sustainable Vegetable Production in the Humid Tropics:: Describes a number of projects for improving protected cultivation methods in the tropics.

University of Tasmania - Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Production Forestry::

Canada Dry:: Corporate web site. Offers product information, product ingredients, company history, recipes, and game ideas.

Beans: Dry and Snap:: Information on growing these crops including recommended varieties, planting methods, fertility, harvesting and information on pests and their control.

Dry Edible Beans:: Provides an overview of this crop, a production guide, information on growing beans and pest management advice.

Dry Field Pea:: Factsheet on this crop, its history, uses, varieties and cultivation.

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