Diseases of Chick Peas Related

Diseases of Field Peas:: An identification guide to the diseases that may infect this crop, with many photographs and brief descriptions.

Ascochyta Blight of Chick Pea:: Photographs and information on this disease including the symptoms, disease cycle and control measures that can be used. [PDF]

Chick Master Incubator Company:: Hatchery solutions.

Ascochyta Disease in Peas:: Information on this disease, its appearance, disease cycle and disease control from Discovery Seed Labs in Canada which offers a seed testing service.

Sustainable Vining Peas:: Guidelines for farmers on good agricultural practice in managing their crops in an environmentally friendly way, provided by Unilever Frozen Foods in the UK. [PDF]

Commercial Production of Southern Peas:: Information on this crop, also known as cowpeas, field peas, protopeas, crowder peas or black-eyed peas, the varieties available, fertilizers, cultivation, pest control, harvesting and the economics of production.

Laughing Owl Sweet Peas:: Breeder and distributor of lathyrus seeds for cutflower use.

Assured Produce Protocol for Vining Peas:: Producing crops in accordance with this standard allows growers to sell produce to any supermarket or processor in the UK. Information on site selection, site management, variety selection, nutrition, irrigation, crop protection, harvesting and storage. [PDF]

Birds Eye: Peas Case Study:: This processor of peas in the UK describes its policy on sustainable agricultural development with regard to pea crops. [PDF]

Weed Management in Grain Legumes: Peas, Beans and Lupins:: Technical note including weed management by husbandry, rotational and reactive physical methods for organic farming, as well as with herbicides. [PDF]

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Ascochyta Blight of Chick Pea
Ascochyta Blight