Lentils - Production and Management Related

Livestock Production Management:: Portal created by Dr. Vivek M. Patil with information and project reports on animal husbandry, dairy, sheep, goat, poultry and rabbit farming; camel, horse and yak management; fodder production; livestock marketing; care of pet dogs, cats, birds, wild and zoo animals.

Rye Production and Management:: From the Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives department.

Triticale Production and Management:: Factsheet from the Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives.

Greenhouse Management & Production:: Online magazine for growers with news, industry information, multimedia, community and resources.

Farm Pond Management: Increasing Production through Fertilization:: Fact sheet from the Maryland Sea Grant Extension on when and how to apply fertiliser, and the selection of the right product.

Asparagus Production Management and Marketing Bulletin - Ohio State University:: A guide to producing asparagus. Includes site selection, varieties, planting, pest control, harvesting and a look at costs and returns.

Diseases of Lentils:: An identification guide to the diseases that may infect this crop, with photographs, brief descriptions of the symptoms and suggested management strategies.

Anthracnose Disease in Lentils:: Information on this disease including the symptoms, disease cycle, resistant cultivars and control measures that can be used.

Ascochyta Disease in Lentils:: Information on this disease, its symptoms, disease cycle and disease control from Discovery Seed Labs in Canada which offers a seed testing service.

Best Management Practices: A Manure Nutrient Management Program:: Article describes methods of applying the natural fertilizer, while avoiding pollution. From the Ohio State University Extension - Department of Horticulture and Crop Science.

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Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)
Botrytis Stem and Pod Rot