Survey of Field Pea Production Practices in South Australia

Survey of Field Pea Production Practices in South Australia Related

Dry Field Pea:: Factsheet on this crop, its history, uses, varieties and cultivation.

Pea Production in the High Plains:: Information on this crop, varieties, fertilizers, cultivation, harvesting, pest control and the economics of production. [PDF]

Pea Vine Production and Marketing Study:: Research project studying various varieties of peas to evaluate the use of the leaves and shoots for human consumption.

Integrated Production Practices of Cashew in China:: An account by the FAO of the status of this crop in China and the production methods used there.

South East Field Days:: A two day event held annually in March at Lucindale, South Australia. Features a combination of agricultural, environmental, technological and general interest displays.

Organic Field Corn Production:: This publication discusses the basic cultural requirements of the crop, weed management, insect pest management, diseases, economics and marketing. [PDF]

Conservation Council of South Australia:: Represents approximately 60 member groups whose main purpose is the conservation and protection of the environment.

National Trust of South Australia:: Manages historic buildings and nature reserves, lobbies to protect heritage, and runs access programs through museums and collections.

Community Landcare South Australia:: Community based movement working to care for the State's land. Includes information on current projects.

Management Practices Can Influence Predation:: Discussion of sheep management practices to prevent losses due to predators.

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