Pod and Stem Blight

Pod and Stem Blight Related

Botrytis Stem and Pod Rot:: Information on grey mold caused by Botrytis cinerea, its appearance, disease cycle and disease control from Discovery Seed Labs in Canada which offers a seed testing service.

Oilseed Rape: Agronomic Effects of Pod Shatter:: Information on this crop, growth and development of the plant, the problem of pod shatter, industrial uses, pests and diseases and recent genetic advances.

Oat Stem Rust:: Photograph of plant infected by Puccinia graminis f. sp. avenae.

Wheat Stem Rust:: Photograph of infected plant.

Wheat Stem Sawfly:: Provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions on Cephus cinctus and help in distinguishing it from other similar insects.

Cotton Stem Canker:: Information on this disease, also known as wet weather blight or ascochyta blight, caused by Phoma exigua, its symptoms, environment factors, impact and management.

Fusarium Wilt (Stem Rot):: Photograph of lesions on sweet potato stems caused by Fusarium oxysporum sp. batatas.

Rhizoctonia Stem and Stolon Canker of Potato:: Photographs of these diseases affecting potatoes, the symptoms, causal organisms and management.

Ascochyta Blight:: Factsheet from Oregon State University Extension with photographs and information on the cause, symptoms, cultivar resistance and chemical control of this disease.

Leaf, Stem and Stripe Rust Diseases of Wheat:: Provides illustrations and information on the distinguishing features of the different rusts that affect wheat, their epidemiology and management.

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